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Connectivity for EV Charging in Europe 2018-2025

Electric Vehicle (EV) numbers are growing rapidly across Europe. Comprising not only private cars, but also increasingly heavy goods vehicles, light commercial vehicles, coaches, taxis and motorbikes, the ability to provide public charging infrastructures to support the projected growth of EV adoption has become vital.

This market brief is short and to the point. It focuses on the developing public charging post infrastructure needed in Europe to support the rapid growth of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the data communication needed for these public charging posts to operate. This is a high growth market, with cellular connectivity revenue alone expected to grow 13-fold in the period 2018-25, a per annum growth of 45%.

In 18 pages, the brief features:

 ** 6 Sections, 11 Figures and Charts, and two market player interviews:


1.  Introduction, including - EV charging is as much about megabytes as kilowatts

2.  EV charging post ecosystem, including - who buys charging post connectivity?

3.  Technology, including - fast charging facilities plus projected infrastructure investment

4.  Factors involved in large scale EV charging rollout  

5.  Country specific charging post projects

6.  Market Forecasts 2018-25


Figures and Charts:

Figure 1: The extensive requirement for data connectivity at public EV charging posts

Figure 2: The primary relationships between roles in the EV charging ecosystem

Figure 3: Leading public charging post operators

Figure 4: Fast charging points: Impact of power output on charging time

Figure 5: Projected investment in public charging infrastructure in Europe

Figure 6: Key factors for large scale EV charging rollout

Figure 7: Comparison of EV and charging post numbers for key countries

Figure 8: Electric vehicles in Europe 2018-25

Figure 9: Public charging posts in Europe: 3 Scenarios 2018-25

Figure 10: EVs per charging post: 3 Scenarios 2018-25

Figure 11: Public charging post annual cellular connectivity revenue in Europe 2018-25


Interview 1: Sales & Marketing Director – inter-operability in the E-Mobility Sector

Interview 2: EV Charging Infrastructure & E-Mobility Expert – Charging and E-Mobility Operator

Key issues addressed:


  •        EV charging point projections for Europe
  •        What data is required at charging points
  •        What connectivity is needed to meet these requirements
  •        Who are the builders of public EV charging infrastructure
  •        Who is buying the connectivity


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