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Benefits of GSMA Embedded SIM Specification for the Utilities Sector

Highlighting the importance of the GSMA Embedded SIM Specification and eUICC to the future of the utilities sector, this in-depth report aims to encourage utilities companies to explore how the GSMA Embedded SIM Specification and eUICC can deliver numerous benefits to different industry use cases such as smart metering, demand response, energy data management and distributed energy resource management.

The GSMA Embedded SIM Specification is widely recognised to be a crucial component of the future of M2M and has already been embraced by the automotive sector. This report explores the advantages the GSMA specification could bring to the utilities sector.

Its potential benefits are explored in the context of 5 use cases. benefits include:

  1. Improving Reliability and Reducing Site Visit

Using the GSMA Embedded SIM specification helps Utilities benefit from higher reliability, increased commercial flexibility and from simplified logistics. This allows over the air management of operator subscription profiles without the need for a physical change of removable SIM, for example, enabling late operator binding, solving the problem of operator lock-in and reducing the need for site visits.

  1. Improving Security and Trust

Utilities benefit from reduced commercial risk and from proven security features, as described in the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines, when using the eUICC. These include tamper-resistance and the ability to enhance trust and confidence through maintaining data integrity.

  1. Reducing Cost and Complexity

When they specify mobile connectivity solutions for their IoT devices, Utilities can take advantage of licensed radio spectrum, scalable networks, mature standards-based technology, embedded security and wide ecosystem support.

  1. Increases Commercial Flexibility

Utilities also profit from a sustainable reduced total cost of ownership, greater whole life device security and a common industry solution which provides scalable, reliable and trusted connectivity when they utilise the GSMA’s Embedded SIM Specification and the eUICC.


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