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Global Cellular IoT Connectivity Market, 2016

This study provides a quantitative assessment of the cellular IoT connectivity market globally. Cellular IoT Connectivity is defined as 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G IoT Connectivity. Those forms of connectivity are put into the context of a wider set of wide area network connectivity solutions in the IoT.

 This forecast provides a quantitative assessment of the Global Cellular IoT connectivity market. The assessment is based on the following key indicators:

- Active Cellular IoT Connections or Active IoT SIM Connections
- Monthly Cellular IoT Connection ARPU
- Salellite IoT Connections and LPWAN Connections

2015 is the base year for the assessment. The estimated period is 2016-2018. The report also provides "best estimate" for the period 2019-2021.
The regions analysed are: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS, North America (USA and Canada), Latin America (including Mexico), Africa, Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

The report also discusses the adoption of Cellular IoT Connections in various sectors. It will also assess the monthly cellular IoT connection per sector and the data demand for each sector. The sector classification is based on Beecham Research Sector Map.


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