Beecham Research offers customized Research and Support Services for
Business Development activities tailored to individual company requirements.
These comprise:

  • Access to our Research Reports at special prices, including:
    Overall M2M Market Forecast
    – Sector Reports for each Industry and Technology we track
  • Individual Market Briefings
  • Direct Analyst Access
  • Conference Attendance
  • Access to Online Resources (under development)
  • Business Development Support Activities

For more details on our Research Services and how these can be tailored to your own requirements, please Contact us

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Categories: Commercial/Institutional, Industrial
Typical Devices: Air conditioning, Escalators/Lifts/People Movers, Security, Fire & Safety, Lighting, Access Control, Solar


Categories: Infrastructure, Awareness & Safety, Comfort & Convenience
Typical Devices: Utility meters, Security, Fire & Smoke, Elderly Monitoring, Child Safety, Set top boxes, TVs, Climate Control, Lighting, Washers/Dryers


Electricity Supply/Demand, Oil/Gas, Alternative Sources
Typical Devices: Turbines, Windmills, UPS, Batteries, Generators, Meters, Fuel Cells, Hydro-electric, Gas/Oil rigs and refineries

Healthcare/Life Sciences

Clinical Care, In Vivo/Home, Research
Typical Devices: MRI Scanners, X-Ray machines, IV Monitors, Respirators, Sterilizers, Pacemakers, Implants, Telemedicine


Categories: Resource Automation, Fluid/Processes, Converting/Discrete, Distribution
Typical Devices: Pumps, Valves, Conveyors, Motors/Drives, Vessels/Tanks, Pipelines, Agricultural and Irrigation equipment

IT Networks/Office

Categories: Enterprise, Public Services
Typical Devices: Mobile Network Towers, Servers, Storage, Routers, Switches, PBXs, PCs, Displays, Photocopiers, Printers


Categories: Stores, Hospitality, Specialty
Typical Devices: POS Terminals, Tags, Cash Registers, Vending machines, Electronic Displays, Billboards.

Security/ Environment

Categories: Emergency Services, Public Infrastructure, Tracking, Equipment, Surveillance
Typical Devices: Ambulances, Fire, Breakdown, Police Equipment, Environmental Monitoring, CCTV, Lone Worker,
Homeland Security, Military Equipment.


Categories: Vehicles, Non-Vehicular, Transport Systems
Typical Devices: Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Buses/Coaches, Harvesters, Bulldozers, Locomotives, Traffic Control, Signage, Tolls.

For more details, and how these can be tailored to your own requirements, please Contact us


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