In the event that our regular research reports and research services do not fully cover your requirements, our senior staff are keen to help fulfil your particular business needs. We undertake a wide range of cost-effective consulting engagements – from general competitive intelligence and customized research of a specific part of the market, through to longer term business strategy and planning.

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We believe in research for a specific purpose, aimed at business and strategy development. Our senior consultants have a background of working as Senior Managers and Directors in industry. They have first hand experience of Sales, Marketing, Business Development and General Management in highly competitive technology supply and services businesses operating in many countries, each of them different. On top of that, they have many years of consulting experience to draw on, working with many of the top companies in our industry over the last 10 to 15 years, in Europe, the Americas and the AsiaPac region.

Our clients are drawn mainly from two key communities – technology suppliers, and product and service adopters of these technologies – but also from financial institutions looking to make investments and from government departments.

We have a deep understanding of and keen interest in the industry. We have a wide community of contacts and partners and are constantly tracking the latest market developments – especially difficult-to-find information. We aim our information gathering and expert analysis directly at your needs and objectives. We actively support Alliance and Partner development as a critical market enabler. We also regularly conduct workshops and seminars to assess innovative new approaches and explore strategic options. In short, we partner with our clients so that they can make and implement sound, strategic decisions in a timely fashion.

To see how we can aid your business aspirations, please contact us here.


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